A collection of recently published work;

A published book

Seven people talk about working in a social enterprise, October 2011: From where I was to where I am

Media campaigns

Citrus Australia MOU with China media campaign, July 2014: Its more Aussie citrus for China

Landmark Harcourts Connect with Australia media campaign, July 2014: Investment in Urban Development and Investment Opportunities in Regional Australia

RIRDC Farm Diversity media campaign, July 2014: Something new has started

Industry updates

Citrus Australia monthly industry updates, June, July and August 2014: Season Update June 2014Season Update July 2014 and Season Update August 2014

VATMI Packing, Customer updates, 2013: VATMI Packing News

Case studies

Landmark Harcourts case studies, July 2014: DairyAgribusiness and Urban Development

RIRDC Farm Diversity case studies, June 2014: Ambassador Brian Ahmed and Ambassador Corinne Annetts

Company blogs and stories

Currie Communications blog, March 2014: Mind your language

VATMI stories, 2013: Our people our stories


A Vital Ingredient, August 2014: The future of leadership

A Vital Ingredient, June 2014:  Telling our stories

A Vital Ingredient, April 2014: What do customers want

Three Actions to Implement, January 2015: Use creativity to set the scene

Three Actions to Implement, January 2014: Yep, like everybody else

Three Actions to Implement, September 2012 Get your green front under control


Gardiner Foundation, October 2010, Annual Report

A rough little video

Vietnam Vets, October 2012: To hear our voices

And something for sanity

Tweens Between, January 2015: A mothers story