The Zoo

Words and design by Theodore – Tuesday 23 July 2013

Today we went to the zoo. Classes 3R, 2/3O and 3/4B caught the train from Glenferrie Station to Royal Park via Flinders Station. In my group I had my mum (Jessica), Cassie, India, and Thomas. When we arrived at the zoo, we planned our day which meant we all got to see the animals and gardens that were most special to us. We saw everything and more except the reptile exhibition.

On the train we met some people. Cassie and India sat on the train and chatted together.

20130723_094556  20130723_093117

Here is our map


Our first learning experience was with the educational officer Andrew who taught us about wildlife. We patted a frog, a lizard and a snake.

Then we went exploring around the zoo….

We saw lots of animals on the land (the tiger), in the air (the butterflies) and underwater (a starfish). Plus many more… Cassie loved the elephants, India fancied the butterflies, Thomas thought the bongo was the best, I loved the tiger and mum said the giraffes with their strippy friends were awesome. We all laughed at the pygmy hippo bottom underwater and the funny peccaries.


But the zoo was not just about the animals. We learnt about sustainability too. By catching the train to the zoo today we probably saved about 70kg of carbon emisions. We helped our hearts by walking and running in the fresh air and we saw the zoo staff recycle and compost. We also read about plastic bags and fishing nets in the ocean.


We said goodbye to Rigo the Gorilla.

20130723_133936_1 (1)

We rode some elephants.


And before we left the zoo, I took my group to the Japanese garden for some peace.




What a great day I had!